Shipping Information



Visual Damage: 

Please inspect the shaft package and carton of parts upon delivery. Visible loss or damage apparent at the time of delivery must be noted.  

Any sign of extensive damage is a reason to inspect more closely. A notation of “subject to inspection” by itself is not considered a valid notation of loss or damage. 

Please contact our customer service team immediately at (800) 631-9740. We will guide you to any needed action and begin the notification process to carrier. 

Full inspection is expected within the first 48 hours after arrival. Be sure that all pole pieces and accessories are correct and in good order, rather than discovering a problem during installation. 

Digital photos of any damaged product AND packaging are requirements by the carrier in any claim process. Customers must keep any damaged product AND packaging in order for us to establish recovery.


Concealed Damage: 

Concealed loss or damage is that which was not apparent at the time of delivery. Example: contents of a shipping container are discovered missing or damaged by the recipient which could not have been determined at time of delivery. 

The regulation is now to report loss or damage within 5 business days after arrival. Prior to 4/18/15 the National Motor Freight Carriers regulation governing this type of discovery was 15 days. 

Reporting concealed damage after 5 business days will incur additional burden of proof by recipient. They may be asked to prove that no damage could have happened while in their possession. Examples: stock storage, internal warehouse movement, job site transfers, etc. 

The challenge in a concealed damage case is a matter of evidence. If recipient signs the delivery receipt as clear, it creates the presumption that the shipment was delivered in good condition. When rebutted, the presumption will be that damage could have occurred in one of three places: Shipper, Carrier or Consignee. Each party may be responsible for one-third of order value including freight.


Flagpole Storage 

A satin aluminum flagpole shaft can stain if allowed to remain in contact with wet or damp wrappings. If there are any signs of exposure to moisture, immediately remove the shaft from the tube, unwrap and dry immediately. If the shaft is to be stored outdoors, it must be stored off the ground and unwrapped. Clear warning labels are applied to the shipping tubes as a reminder to recipients of their responsibility. 

Limited Access / Non Commercial Delivery Locations 

Special delivery needs are always handled best when they can be proactively planned for. Examples: contractor scheduling, job site deadlines, etc. Let us know up front how we can help make the experience more efficient and dependable. 

Non-Commercial locations include (but are not limited to) Residences, Churches, Schools, Veteran Facilities & Construction Sites. Generally speaking they include any location that is not deemed a commercial business location or a business that does not have dock access. Additional charges may apply.


Additional Delivery Services 

Some delivery locations have additional circumstances that apply. Location examples include (but are not limited to) an Island (offshore location requiring ferry service), Elite/Gated Communities, Rural (hard to reach), High Crime, Military Bases and Secured Facilities, Lift Gates or Re-Delivery to a revised address. Additional carrier charges may apply. 

The San Diego Flagpole Company will do our very best to accommodate and alert advance delivery appointment requirements. 

Single Piece 30' and 35' poles and multi-piece 50' and longer poles will be shipped from our Wisconsin facility with a specialty full size trailer due to excessive length and heavier weight. These carriers are competent in the additional handling needed to successfully deliver your product. Charges for this type of transportation will be higher than carriers who specialize using 28' trailers. 

Customers have the option of shipping from our Orlando warehouse to get better freight rates. These orders will have a longer lead time. 

Multi-piece options are available for our 30' and 35' poles. These poles have more economical shipping options within the continental United States. Alaska and Hawaii are quoted on a case-by-case basis. 

Carriers apply additional discounts as shipments move up in weight. These weight break discounts are passed on to our customers. Let us help you increase your margin by ordering more than two or three poles to a single location.


International Shipments 

In any export or cross-border transaction the seller (San Diego Flagpole Company) is known as the Exporter of Record. Exporter of Record must provide any commercial invoices or customs documents needed to go forward. Exporters must be informed and comply with all of the export regulations that govern their sale. The Flagpole Store will not be responsible for any duties, taxes or brokerage.